Our tailored approach

Recognizing that education is most often under provincial jurisdiction, we take a tailored approach to each province/territory. WellAhead identifies provinces/territories where there is a high potential to advance the integration of wellbeing – this typically involves interest in wellbeing in schools at the government level, and promising actions by organizations and groups at the ground level. Below are some examples of our work by jurisdiction.

British Columbia

WellAhead launched in British Columbia in August 2015 as our first province. Since then, some of our activities in BC have included:

  • Supporting six school districts in the 2015–2016 school year to co-design and prototype everyday practices to support wellbeing. In the 2016–2017 school year, four of these districts have continued on and are being funded to scale these practices to additional schools, and integrate wellbeing into their district priorities.
  • Collaborating to convene a collective of K-12 education sector leaders, including ministries, leading non-profits, and leaders of the professional associations representing teachers, principals, superintendents, trustees.
  • Actively participating in and contributing to various provincial networks and collaboratives.
  • Partnering with Healthy Schools BC on two projects: the Mental Wellbeing Coaching Initiative, which is offering coaching support to 9 BC school districts, and a user-centred design process that engages teachers in informing physical and health education resources to support BC's new curriculum.


WellAhead landed in Ontario in 2016. Our work in this province has included:

  • Supporting People for Education’s Measuring What Matters initiative to co-create, test and refine a measurement framework that includes wellbeing
  • Supporting School Mental Health ASSIST to deepen their learning and evaluation approach, communicate out across Ontario and Canada, and incorporate everyday practices into all elementary schools
  • Working with the Ontario Trillium Foundation to better understand the current Ontario landscape around wellbeing in schools, and helping the system to “better see itself”
  • Meeting with key stakeholders, organizations and thought leaders to identify possible synergies and further opportunities for investment


As a national foundation, we work at a pan-Canadian level and find ways to make connections and support efforts beyond individual provinces. Some examples include:

  • Hosting national gatherings that bring together key thought leaders and influencers to discuss a vision for wellbeing in schools
  • Mobilizing transferable knowledge from one province/territory to another

One topic that we are currently exploring at the Pan-Canadian level is the wellbeing of educators, principals and school staff. We've outlined some of our early thinking in this short concept paper.