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Our team

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Mali Bain

Senior Program Officer

Mali has degrees in International Relations, Secondary Education, and Adult Learning and Education. She has worked as a high school teacher, with a non-profit supporting 'at risk' students, with university faculty learning instructional skills, and with Kenyan teachers developing locally-relevant professional learning opportunities. Building on her graduate studies work, Mali continues to have a strong interest in approaches to understanding settler-colonial family histories in North America .

As a Senior Program Officer, Mali has a particular focus on strategy and operations around teacher and staff wellbeing and district-wide wellbeing.

When not at work, you can find Mali in her garden, kayaking, or making music on Coast Salish territories.

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Paul McArthur

Knowledge Manager

Paul has brought his passion for prevention to the field of child and youth health for many years, in roles spanning from clinical research to public policy. Paul holds a Master's in Public Health from Simon Fraser University, where his studies focused on leveraging public policy to impact the social determinants of health.

In his role as Knowledge Manager, continues to focus on supporting learning and evaluation strategy alongside WellAhead partners. Originally from Winnipeg, Paul lives in Montreal, where you'll often find him biking, hiking, or playing guitar.

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Vani Jain

Program Director

Vani is thrilled to bring her passion for mental health and wellbeing together with a mandate for positive, long-term systemic change. As a Program Director at the McConnell Foundation, Vani leads the WellAhead initiative as part of the Foundation’s efforts to improve child and youth mental health. A big-picture strategic thinker with an interest in on-the-ground impact, Vani is the national lead for WellAhead.

Vani loves to spend time with her sons and cook for friends.

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