Our Past Work

Since 2015, WellAhead has supported innovative work across Canada to develop, scale and learn about effective approaches to integrating wellbeing into K-12 education. Here are some examples of our past work by jurisdiction.

British Columbia

  • Supporting six school districts in the 2015–2016 and 2016-2017 school years to co-design, prototype and scale everyday practices to support wellbeing.

  • Partnering with Healthy Schools BC on two projects: the Mental Wellbeing Coaching Initiative, which offers coaching support to BC school districts, and a user-centred design process that engaged teachers in informing physical and health education resources to support BC's new curriculum.

  • Helping convene K-12 education sector leaders, including ministries, leading non-profits and leaders of the professional associations to help discuss ways to advance the integration of wellbeing in schools, and participating in various provincial networks and collaboratives.



  • Hosting national gatherings that bring together key thought leaders and influencers to discuss a vision for wellbeing in schools.

  • Mobilizing transferable knowledge from one province/territory to another.