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How do you think your work on wellbeing has impacted your students?

I think that being intentional about wellbeing creates space for children to feel relaxed enough to be themselves. When they are relaxed, they can show those qualities such as empathy. When they feel relaxed and expressing themselves, they become more confident. And they laugh more.

This question gets into good discussions around “What is Learning?” and “What is engagement?”. Engagement is supposed to be fun! When students are relaxed, they naturally enjoy the learning process. This inevitably improves learning outcomes.

As a counsellor, I see youth struggling every day. Many kids are tuned out, disconnected, tired, and live with constant low-grade stress. Adding to that, our teachers are also exhausted, over-worked and often under-supported and under-valued. However, from experience, I know that when our teachers are connected, mindful, emotionally intelligent and happy, a ripple effect of positive learning can occur for our students. I believe that when we put as much focus on wellness, social-emotional learning and connection as we do on academics, our students, teachers and staff will all flourish within the school system.